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Make $500 Today

30 Legit Ways to Make $500 Fast (Within a Week)

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Sometimes, a few hundred dollars can make all the difference — if you can access the money quickly, that is. At times like these, the ability to make $500 fast can be a godsend. But it can be hard to find solutions that pay hundreds of dollars AND get you your money quickly. Often, you’re forced to wait for weeks before you can enjoy the financial fruits of your efforts.

Well, not anymore. There are places you can go to find jobs that pay you hundreds of dollars, and quickly. Continue reading below to find our best strategies to make $500 fast!

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30 Ways to Make $500 Fast

Here are the 30 best ways we’ve found to quickly make $500 online. Most of these strategies are available to almost anyone, so you’ll definitely find an option that suits  you on this list.

Take Paid Online Surveys

There are tons of websites online that promise to pay you cold, hard cash in exchange for filling out surveys. You’ll want to be careful to separate the scams from the legitimate opportunities. We suggest that you stick to the survey companies that have been around for years,  and that have a proven history of paying their survey takers, and paying quickly. Those companies include:

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is an online survey site that allows its user to complete surveys in exchange for rewards including gift cards and cash.

Promotion: $1 Welcome Bonus

While you’ll earn money easily on these sites, you’ll have to use significant concentration to take surveys quickly enough to make a few hundred dollars. That’s because you won’t make a lot  of money on each individual survey. You’ll need to speed through these as quickly as possible, while still answering each question thoughtfully and accurately.

Get Paid to Watch Videos

Even easier than taking surveys is watching videos. It’s  one of the simplest ways we know of to make money fast online. This strategy works because the videos are branded, and advertisers pay companies to distribute them to people who will trade their time and attention for small cash payouts.

Like filling out surveys, you won’t make a killing doing this. In fact, the payments are quite small. In our view, this strategy is best combined with any of the others on this list to make $500 fast. Or you can use it as an adjunct to one of the other strategies. For example, if you choose to babysit for extra money, use the time after you’ve put the kids to bed to watch videos and do some online surveys. You’ll make money three ways!

Check out InboxDollars as this is one of the best services out there to make money watching almost anything.


Babysitting is a classic way to make extra money. The money can be good enough to justify doing the work full-time. How much you’ll make depends on your experience, your qualifications, your clients, and the market you’re in. For example, a highly qualified and experienced caregiver who works for wealthy people in Manhattan will command a higher fee than a teenager in rural Ohio who’s just starting her first job.

That said, even less experienced folks can make money quickly babysitting. And the best part is that babysitters usually get paid immediately after the job is done.

One last thing — If you don’t feel like doing the marketing and networking yourself, you may want to check out Sittercity. This online service connects qualified caregivers with parents in need of a babysitter. It can be a great shortcut to meeting amazing clients.

Walk Dogs or Pet Sit

People will pay big money to ensure their  children are taken care of. They’ll often pay well  to guarantee that their animals are well cared for, too. If you’re in an area where a lot of households have pets (and who isn’t?) consider using your time to walk dogs or pet sit.

If you don’t feel like doing the manual legwork and putting up flyers to find clients, check out an app called Rover. Rover will connect you with pet owners who need dog walkers and pet sitters. You can even choose to be paid in cash immediately after a job (if that’s cool with your client). Depending on how many walks you do per day, you should be able to make $500 fast.

House Sit

Do you like the idea of taking care of something, but you’d prefer that thing wasn’t a child or an animal? Why not check out Along with the opportunities for senior caregivers, babysitters, and pet sitters, you’ll find postings for housesitters. These gigs are perfect for people who want a side hustle that still gives them time and energy to pursue a second (or third) interest.

For example, you can take a house sitting gig, and while you’re watching the house, teach English online (see the VIPKid gig below), or pick up a freelance hustle on Upwork.

Search the Web

Some websites will allow you to monetize your internet searches. Swagbucks is just one of these websites. If you’re confused about how this works, you’re not alone. After all, how can you possibly make money just searching for something online?

Well, in their never-ending quest for personal data, some companies will pay for information about what you’re searching for. To facilitate this, Swagbucks has created a Yahoo!-powered search bar that tracks what you’re searching for and pays you a small amount of money for every search.

As with some of the other items on this list, you won’t make a huge amount of money searching the Web by itself. But, if you combine it with a few of the other strategies on this list (online surveys, anyone?), you’ll effortlessly top up your income. Again, if you combine strategies, you should be able to make $500 fast.

Deliver Food

Do you have reliable transportation? Do you have a smartphone? Can you pass a simple background check? Are you over 18? If you answered yes to all those questions, chances are good that you can be a delivery driver for DoorDash.

You’ll need to meet a handful of requirements, and you’ll need to live in an area where the service is available, but DoorDash delivery allows you to access reliable extra income and additional tips. DoorDash pays all of its drivers on a weekly basis by direct deposit, so you’ll barely have to wait for your next paycheck.

DoorDash Dasher

Become a Dasher with DoorDash! Start delivering today and make great money on your own schedule. No passengers. No bosses.

Make up to $25 per hour

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Deliver Groceries

If delivering takeout isn’t quite your thing, but you’re still in the market for some kind of delivery job, Instacart or Postmates might be your ticket to a quick payday. Instacart will have you deliver groceries to clients in your area, while Postmates offers clients everything from alcohol delivery to office supplies.

If you don’t have a car, you can become an Instacart shopper. These folks stay in the store and collect the desired items off the shelf while someone else picks them up and delivers them to the client. You should be aware that these two jobs don’t offer the same hourly wage. You can make $500 fast depending on the hours you put in.

(Editor’s note: Uber announced its acquisition of Postmates on July 6, 2020 for $2.65B in stock.)

Test Products

Before a software product (like a game, app, or web app)  goes to market, it’s often exhaustively user-tested. Companies perform user testing to work the bugs out of their software, make it easier to use, and improve various features.

But not every product has a large enough base of users for reliable testing.  That’s where comes in. The website will allow you to test software products for paying clients.

To do well on this site, keep in mind that you’ll be rated by the person who paid for the testing — based on how valuable your feedback is. So keep your feedback professional, honest, and actionable.

Make Money Driving

If you’d like to make your money behind the wheel of a car, but don’t want to deliver groceries, booze, or office supplies, why not consider Uber or Lyft? Both companies will let you drive passengers safely from Point A to Point B while making a decent amount of money.

If you’re going to be a driver for Uber or Lyft (or anyone else for that matter), always remember to keep an eye on your fuel, maintenance, and vehicle depreciation costs. They can eat into your profit margins if you’re not careful.

Driving is probably one of the best ways to make $500 fast.

Run Errands

If you’re not up for complex tasks and just want to help out another person with something basic, consider giving Taskrabbit a try. Taskrabbit is an app that connects people who need errands done with people who are willing to do them for a fee. Housecleaning, shopping, landscaping, and small appliance repair are just a few of the duties you’ll find advertised on this app.

If you’re going to use TaskRabbit, keep a close eye on your user feedback. Your clients’ experiences can make or break you on a site like this, and you’ll want as many five-star reviews as possible to help you land that next gig.

Sell Your Jewelry

This one’s pretty straightforward. If you have any valuable jewelry lying around and gathering dust, why not convert it to dollars and cents? Unless it has sentimental value, there’s not much use in having jewelry sitting unused in a drawer.

But it can be difficult to sell jewelry effectively. Many reputable jewelry stores don’t take secondhand items. Pawn shops can seem intent on ripping you off. You’re better off giving Worthy a try. This site will take custody of your valuable jewelry, appraise it, verify its authenticity, and post it for auction. While they’ll take a small cut of the proceeds, most of the money will wind up in your pocket.

Depending on how much your jewelry is worth, you should be able make $500 fast if it’s in high demand.

Sell Old Stuff

This advice can be harsh medicine for the pack rats among us. (You know who you are!) But if you’ve got a small fortune in old, random stuff just sitting around your place, why not try selling it to the highest bidder?

One of the best ways to do this is to organize an estate/yard/garage sale (your preferred terminology will depend on the region you’re in). You can generate a ton of walk-through traffic and improve sales just by putting up a few signs and posting a couple of reminders in your local Facebook groups.

Check out a website called Decluttr where you can sell anything from DVS to phones and computers. If you stuff is in good conditions, you can make $500 fast.

Cut Unwanted Subscriptions

Many people don’t realize how much money they lose every month in unwanted, unneeded subscription fees. Unused cable channel packages, for example, can cost you upwards of $100 per month, while excessive cell phone packages can run up similar costs.

We’ve written it before, and we’ll write it again: Saving money is making money. If you can save yourself $250 per month on unnecessary subscription costs, you’ve basically given yourself a significant raise.

Truebill and Billshark are just a couple of the services that will help you trim your expenses by analyzing your monthly bills and negotiating with the cable and utility companies.


A service that helps you save money on your monthly bills. Truebill will negotiate on your behalf and lower your bills and subscriptions fees.

Users have reported saving up to $500 per year

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Negotiate Bills

Sometimes, you don’t want to give up a service entirely. You just want to pay less for what you’re getting. That’s where Trim comes in. Trim is a service that will negotiate with your cable, cell phone, and utility providers to attempt to secure promotional and discounted rates for the services you’re already getting.

This is an amazing option for those who aren’t great at (or just plain hate) negotiating. You should be aware that Trim takes a sizable cut of the money that it saves you. But since they only charge a fee if they save you money,  you’ll still have money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Rent Out Your Car

Let’s face it. As much as you might love it (or hate it), your car is usually a massive liability. Fuel costs, depreciation, insurance, and repairs all add up to be a major drag on your finances. But what if you could turn that liability into an asset?

That’s what GetAround promises to do. With this app, you allow people online to rent your car for a pre-set rate (that varies with the make, model, and year of your vehicle). So instead of sitting there and gathering dust while you’re not using it, your car can generate passive income to help offset some of the expenses we mentioned above. What’s not to love?

Depending on how often you rent your car out, or if it’s in high demand, you can determine if you can make $500 fast.

Get Cash Back and Rebates

If you’d like to save significant amounts of money on everyday purchases, you might want to give Rakuten a shot. This cash back app offers savings on groceries, personal electronics, and lots of other items that many of us frequently buy.

Rakuten will send your accumulated cash back to you once per quarter. Given the significant savings that Rakuten can generate, each quarter will bring you a check in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars (if you have a lot of expenses). If you combine cash back rebates with coupons and other strategies from this post, you should be able to make $500 fast.

Save Money on Groceries

Similar to Rakuten, but more focused on grocery shopping, Ibotta gives you access to significant savings on your grocery purchases. Rather than paying out quarterly, you can choose when Ibotta will send you your accumulated cash back. So the payments can be pretty frequent, especially if you shop for a large family.

In case you’re wondering, these programs work by collecting your consumer data. They either use  the data to deliver ads or sell it to third parties. That makes some people uncomfortable, but for most of us, the substantial savings are well worth the privacy trade-off.

Sell Your Crafts

If you’re particularly “crafty,” you absolutely need to be on Etsy. This digital marketplace for all things vintage, cool, homemade, and quirky can open up untold opportunities and massive markets for your home-based business.

The trick to making a successful go of selling on Etsy is to “niche down” into an area that’s underserved on the site. (For example, instead of just making jewelry for everyone, consider making a product that appeals specifically to young brides.)

Don’t make the mistake that too many people make and underprice your product(s). If you design and create quality pieces, make sure that your prices reflect their value so you can make $500 fast.

Online English Teaching

If you love teaching, you won’t find another service quite like VIPKid. VIPKid connects Asian students who hope to learn to read, write, speak, and understand English with the help of qualified language tutors.

Especially suited to teachers and other educational professionals who want a great side hustle, VIPKid offers plenty of opportunities to make significant amounts of money over a short period of time. They even offer bonuses to people who complete a certain amount of classes during a single month.

You’ll want to be careful about canceling or rescheduling classes, however. Too many rescheduled classes or cancellations can reduce your rating on the website and decrease your payments.

Rent Out Unused Space

Like the Airbnb (see below) of the storage world, Neighbor connects people who have additional storage space with those who need space to store their possessions. The site caters to people who live near one another, which makes sense, given that you probably wouldn’t want to ship a small storage locker’s worth of goods across the country.

Neighbor is a great solution for those with extra space but who don’t feel comfortable allowing another person to share their living space. And it’s perfect for those in suburban areas who might be sitting on an extra-large garage or insulated shed that sits empty most of the time. You can make $500 fast by monetizing your unused space, how cool is that?

Sell Your Clothes

As we mentioned earlier, stuff lying around your house or apartment is just a waste of money. That’s especially true of clothing, which can hold substantial resale value that’s lost if all it does is sit in the closet.

Consider giving Poshmark a chance if your closet is overflowing with quality clothes. Poshmark is a clothing reseller that sells secondhand clothes to discerning customers. It often pays people like you hundreds of dollars for their treasures.

Poshmark pays far more money for quality, new-ish, designer pieces that have been treated well than older, generic pieces that have seen better days. If you only have the latter, you may be better off giving this idea a pass, because you probably won’t earn any money.  But if you’re the proud owner of several classy pieces of clothing, why not turn them into cash? You could make $500 fast!

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